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    Open communication in a good working climate

    is our philosophy and that’s what gets us where we are.


    Flestic’s story begins in 1979 in Flevoland, in the municipality of Noordoostpolder. In Ens, to be precise. We had a couple of old extrusion blow moulding machines in a barn there.

    The founders of Flestic cleverly anticipated the gap in the market at the time for small batches with customer-specific models. It was a success. Five years later, in 1984, the barn was too small and we moved to Pioniersweg 23 in Dronten, one of the locations where we still manufacture today. We also expanded our operations. In addition to extrusion blow moulding, we started injection moulding, screen printing and hot stamp printing.

    The extrusion blow moulding machines from the time of the company’s foundation had in the meantime reached the end of their useful life. New blow moulding machines turned out to be hard to find. Machines we could afford were too old. New machines were too expensive, because they could do much more than we needed. We put our heads together and thought, what if we were to build the machines ourselves? We now had so much knowledge of extrusion blow moulding that this must be possible. In 1989 – ten years after the foundation of Flestic – our first self-built extrusion blow moulding machine saw the light of day. We called it the JS500.

    We turned out to be so good at manufacturing plastic packaging that we decided to make this our core business. In 2004 we said goodbye to the screen printing and hot stamp printing.

    We now have 40 extrusion blow moulding machines, 35 of which were developed and built under our own management. We also have 3 injection blow moulding machines, 26 injection moulding machines and 4 assembly machines. The newest machines represent the cutting edge of control and technique, but the original models still do the job with uncontested quality.

    We have long outgrown the barn. The total production area at Pioniersweg is 7000 m2. Here we make 80 million blow moulded products and 100 million injection moulded products annually.

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