• We fit your ideas for branding! We fit your ideas for branding! We fit your ideas for branding!
    We fit your ideas for branding!

    With packaging that connects your target audience and represents your brand at most.

    Customization in brand packaging

    Flestic is a knowledge centre with more than 45 years of expertise in packaging solutions through extrusion blow moulding, injection blow moulding and injection moulding. We not only have the right knowledge, but also modern, standardized and yet extremely flexible machinery. This means you are guaranteed packaging to fulfil your demands. Here we don’t just mean the product itself, but also the way we work together, with good service and precisely according to our agreements.

    Your own model with flexible machinery

    You are Flestic’s focus, so it’s you who decides how your packaging should look, whether it will be a standard bottle or brand packaging. Need help deciding on the design? We’re happy to assist.

    We can easily deliver high-quality customization because our machinery is flexibly constructed. For example you can always upscale if your product turns out to be a big success on the market.

    Step 1: a design that works

    We work closely with packaging designers who will not only develop an appealing, innovative design for you, but also guarantee that the final model can be manufactured properly and efficiently.

    Step 2: especially for you

    Once you have a definitive design, we build the moulds needed for production. We tune each mould to your wishes regarding durability of the bottle and the number of bottles, jars or closures needed. The moulds remain your property, so we will only use them for you.

    Have you decided against using your own model? Or do you only need a few bottles? In that case you can choose from our assortment of standard bottles and closures. The assortment is not extensive, but certainly extremely serviceable. Again we’re happy to advise you.

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