• We fit your plans! We fit your plans! We fit your plans!
    We fit your plans!

    With packaging solutions offering added value.

    Packaging that gets results

    Flestic produces packaging materials: bottles and jars. But we don’t produce them just like that. Our packaging materials have several functions which help you achieve your goals.

    We call these packaging solutions, enabling you to transport, protect and sell your product better, convincingly informing the consumer and ensuring that the customer is also satisfied with your product after purchase.

    Intelligent packaging solutions with plastic bottles

    To unite the functions of transport and protection through to sales in one packaging solution, we need an intelligent bottle or jar. That starts with a foundation of strong materials and excellent manufacturing. We make our packaging materials by extrusion blow moulding and injection blow moulding.

    Plastic packaging materials

    All our bottles and jars are made of plastic. We do not manufacture PET bottles, but we use many other sorts of plastic, from high-density polyethylene (HDPE), low-density polyethylene (LDPE), polypropylene (PP) or polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG) to sustainable biobased plastics. What plastic you choose depends, for example, on price, content (filling), squeezability, transparency, look, barrier qualities and sustainability.

    Safe transport and protection

    First of all, of course, we make plastic packaging to protect the contents. Generally the content is a thick or thin liquid or powder. The most important function of the plastic bottles or jars is to keep the product inside together, so that it can be transported safely from factory to shop and from shop to consumer. A good packaging solution also protects the product against the environment, maintaining optimal durability and product quality.

    Better sales

    Show consumers different plastic packaging without labels, and they will probably only be able to tell by the shape whether it contains foodstuffs, cosmetics, cleaning products or a car maintenance product. Shape and colour determine to a large extent whether a consumer buys a product in the shop. The trick, of course, is to make as many sales as possible. We call this brand packaging: we supply an attractive shape and colour which meets the customer’s expectations.

    Inform convincingly

    Packaging materials are not only intended for carrying the products on the inside. They are also there to display information on the outside, printed on the packaging, or on a label or sleeve. You can use this to inform the consumer about matters such as the product itself, its use, shelf life and safety instructions. Of course there must be optimal space for this information on the bottle or jar. It is our task to create that space.

    Increasing user-friendliness

    Of course you want your customers to remain satisfied after purchasing a product, so that they come back for more. This demands high user-friendliness of a bottle or jar. Dosing bottles which work as you hope, and packaging which opens easily, and empties properly too.

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