We produce our closures by injection moulding

This technique and the use of customer-specific moulds allows us to employ our knowledge and skills to deliver high-quality closures which fulfil all our customers’ wishes and demands.

Standardized injection moulding machinery …

Our machinery is as standardized as possible, and that’s a conscious choice. This allows us to respond to every customer demand efficiently and flexibly. Flestic has 26 machines for plastic injection moulding. The clamping force of the injection moulding machines varies from 35 to 100 tons. There are always several machines available at a given size. This guarantees flexibility of supply.

with single and multi-cavitymoulds

A mould can produce one closure or several at the same time. We call this multi-cavity moulding. Whether it makes sense to opt for one or multiple cavities depends on the number of closures, the dimensions of the product and your desired price. On the same machine the manufacturing costs per product are lower for a multi-cavity mould than for a simple mould, but the mould costs are higher. Since Flestic specializes in custom work, of course we can advise you as to the best option for you.

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For each production process, several products, materials and shapes are conceivable. Want to know more about it, request a quote or make an appointment?

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