• We fit your demands! We fit your demands! We fit your demands!
    We fit your demands!

    Because we offer infinite possibilities.

    Extrusion blow moulding is the technique we use the most for making bottles and jars

    We can make bottles and jars in different volumes, shapes and quantities. Your wishes are key here. From 5 to 5000 ml and manufacturing using simple moulds or multi-cavity moulds. Flestic has 36 extrusion blow moulding machines, which are divided into two groups.

    Machines for extrusion blow moulding of bottles up to 1500 ml

    We have 31 machines with single and double moulds for bottles up to 1500 ml. We developed and built these machines ourselves, so we know them through and through and can respond precisely to your request.

    Machines for extrusion blow moulding of bottles from 1000 to 5000 ml

    We offer 5 machines which can go up to 8-cavity moulds. If we use single or double moulds, we can make bottles up to 5000 ml. The machines are also suitable for smaller packaging down to 1000 ml.

    We have several of each type of machine in house. This allows us to respond flexibly to all sorts of different customer demands, avoiding queues forming for some machines while others are unused. We call this flexibility by standardization.

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