• We fit your ideas! We fit your ideas! We fit your ideas!
    We fit your ideas!

    And make the products to match.

    Partner in packaging design

    Whether we are talking about innovative packaging or a new design for existing packaging, Flestic is your ideal partner in packaging design. We have different manufacturing techniques in house and work closely together with different partners. This means you always have packaging which achieves your goals.

    You may already know precisely how your new packaging should look and what materials should go into it, but you might just as easily only know that you want new packaging and why. In that case we’re happy to help with packaging design.

    We supervise the entire process from idea through packaging design to the end result. And we’re confident that result is guaranteed to be a good one. That’s thanks to our years of experience and intensive collaboration with designers and colleague manufacturers.

    During the design of your new packaging we’ll work with you to draw up specifications. At that point we look at the conditions the packaging will need to meet.

    Step 1: functional specifications

    Together we’ll look at the functional specifications your packaging needs, aiming to answer the following questions: What is the product? What is the product’s ideal volume? Does the product require special barrier features in the packaging? What are the requirements in terms of squeezability, dosage and ease of use? What is the best decoration for the bottle?

    Step 2: logistics

    Once we have discussed all the functional specifications for the bottle, we look at logistics: How do you want us to deliver the packaging? What labelling will be used and how will the packaging eventually arrive in the shop?

    Step 3: the moulds

    With the answers from steps one and two we develop packaging to meet the specifications. Once you have approved this, the moulds for production are designed. Here again we ask questions before getting down to work. What is the ideal manufacturing process for this model and its specifications? What annual production capacity are you aiming for? How big is the product? The answers determine which machine we use to manufacture the bottle and how many cavities will go into the mould. We do not make moulds ourselves: specialized mould makers do this for us. We oversee this process carefully. We discuss the mould design and construction with the mould manufacturers and establish the turnaround time for mould construction. Of course we also discuss this with you and keep you posted along the way.

    Step 4: the samples

    Once the moulds have been made, we look together at your wishes for the first sample consignment, such as the number of samples you wish to receive and their colours. The most important goals of the first consignment are to check that the mould works properly on the machine and to see how the product comes out of the mould.

    Every new packaging design is different. For example we can never be 100% certain beforehand how the shrinkage of the plastic will look in the end. A number of easily adjustable reference points are therefore built into the mould. We evaluate the products in the first consignment and check the measurements. We also share these first samples with you and ask for your evaluation. Based on the results of these checks we plan and execute the first adjustments to the mould.

    For complex packaging, after this first sample consignment a second and possibly third sample set may be needed before we’re certain that the product meets the functional and logistical demands we have formulated together.

    Step 5: the manufacturing process

    In the sampling period we also optimize the manufacturing process, as a stable manufacturing process is needed to guarantee the lasting quality of your packaging.

    We therefore also like to join you for a look at your bottling line during the trial production run. Together we can then decide whether your production lines are achieving the desired output. Once we have reached a mutual agreement on the quality of the packaging and processes, we definitively release the product for production.

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