• We fit your innovative ideas! We fit your innovative ideas! We fit your innovative ideas!
    We fit your innovative ideas!

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    Biobased drinking bottle

    Today petroleum is still the main source material for plastic production. This fossil fuel is becoming ever scarcer and will eventually run out. A great deal of research is being conducted into alternative, sustainable sources which prevent the exhaustion of fossil fuels and are themselves inexhaustible. One of these sustainable sources is renewables such as sugarcane, which grow again quickly after harvesting. They do not run out. We call plastics which can be made from renewables biobased plastics.

    Long production chain of biobased packaging to reach the end user

    There is a long production chain for biobased plastics before the packaging reaches the shop to be bought by an end user, and it runs through a number of links. The production of the packaging is one of these links.

    Flestic realizes that its raison d’être lies in its operating very clearly as part of a chain in collaboration with others, not as a focal point in the process. Employees, governments, suppliers, customers, etc. form an essential part of Flestic’s world. Care for the environment is also an important part of our policy.

    Green PE branding

    The importance of care for the environment in Flestic’s policy shows in the company’s strong promotional role in the use of biobased plastics for the production of packaging. To underline this, Flestic has collaborated with its sister company Eurobottle to develop the first truly biobased drinking bottle in the world. This drinking bottle is made from Green PE, a biobased plastic produced by Braskem which is almost 90% sugarcane. The introduction of this drinking bottle has added a whole new dimension to the market for promotional drinking bottles. For years the drinking bottle had been a marketing instrument for branding when promoting a healthy, active lifestyle. The introduction of the biobased drinking bottle has added an extra benefit to the environment. Meanwhile many companies with policy visions focused on CSR and the environment have opted for this product.

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