Marcel's Green Soap choose for 100% post consumer!

Flestic B.V. makes tailor-made innovative sustainable packaging. In addition to the bio-based products, Flestic has successfully introduced packaging made of 100% post-consumer recycled plastics. A good example of these sustainable developments are the bottles that Flestic B.V. makes for Marcel's Green Soap.

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Green and sustainable packaging!

Flestic creates custom-made innovative sustainable packaging. We invest in post-consumer recycled plastics and bio-based developments. Flestic B.V. realizes that it deserves its right to exist from the fact that it does not focus on itself, but operates very clearly as part of the chain and the cooperation with its environment.

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Flestic produceert flessen voor de langste waterleiding ter wereld!

Flestic is er trots op om de BOGO flessen voor JointhePipe te produceren.

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Van Scherpenzeel Groep takes over Eurobottle Flestic Holding (English)

On 13 July 2015, Eurobottle Flestic Holding B.V. in Dronten was taken over by Van Scherpenzeel Groep B.V.

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Together with the DPA, Flestic organizes PACKT 2015 on 16 June!

Is uw verpakking Future Proof? Welke rol vervult de verpakking in de toekomst?

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Signing the self-declaration ISO26000

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