• We fit your high quality standards We fit your high quality standards We fit your high quality standards
    We fit your high quality standards

    We’ve been proving that for 45 years.

    Quality is something you have to keep working at

    Quality has top priority for us: you expect a high quality product from us and the service to match, and that’s what we deliver. It’s that simple. At the very least our quality policy aims to ‘meet the expectations of the customer within selected legal and communicated boundaries’.

    Please click here to read our quality statement.

    ISO 9001 en ISO 22000

    Quality is not a static concept. We constantly strive for improvement of our processes and working methods, so that we can continue to distinguish ourselves from the competition and raise customer satisfaction. Where possible we like to make this visible to you in practice, showing that your experience has met your expectations. In order to make this measurable, clear and tangible, our quality management system is certified by an external authority according to the ISO 9001:2015 standards and our foodsafety managmentsystem according to the ISO 22000:2005 standards.

    Delivering packaging to protect your food product is not a simple task. We take it extremely seriously. The shape, colour, dimensions and closure of your packaging are of the highest quality. And – at least as importantly – we produce the packaging in a clean, safe environment. The materials we use for your packaging also fulfil the latest rules and regulations in food contact materials. These are not empty words. Lloyd’s Register has certified us since 2009 according to the ISO 22000 standard.

    An extensive risk analysis of our organization and our production processes was carried out for this purpose. We have set up our food safety system based on this risk analysis and on the BRC IOP basic conditions programme.

    Download our latest ISO 9001 certificate here

    Download our latest ISO 22000 certificate here

    Package Data File

    Since we want to enable you to make the best use of the products we deliver, we have drawn up a document titled Packaging Data File. In this document we describe among other things how our products can best be maintained and used and we inform you as to traceability and food safety. We advise you to familiarize yourself with this document.

    Download our latest Package Data File here

    Terms and Conditions

    Our terms and conditions apply to all goods supplied by Flestic. We would like to ensure clear communication on this subject in advance.

    Download our latest Terms and Conditions here

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