Flestic’s employees

That’s what it’s all about. They form one of the most important links in the value chain we offer our customers. It’s not just about the ‘human interface’ they form between us and the organization or the quality of their work, but also the creativity and innovation they display in production processes. In the end that’s what determines the organization’s capacity for innovation.

If custom solutions are required, employees play an important role. It is essential that employees are skilled and have a good deal of practical experience, so that they can go through the development process from idea to execution in careful consultation with our clients.

So it makes sense that we pay a great deal of attention to employees. This begins with selection. It is essential that new employees fit into our customer-oriented business culture. We also educate our employees and train them in HACCP requirements and ISO 9001 and 22000 regulations. As a result, customer value is the focal point for all our employees in everything we do.

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