Flestic strives for added value

Of course that means healthy returns: profit. We need that for the continuity of the organization. But it does not stop there. We also want to have an impact on those around us, the stakeholders, because, to put it simply, our organization’s raison d’être depends on the rest of the chain.

ISO 26000

Good resolutions are all very well, but we also want to lock them into the organizational structure. This is why since 2014 we have implemented the ISO 26000 guidelines. These are international guidelines for implementing CSR in an organization. The guidelines provide a normative framework on the basis of which we can determine our social responsibilities, and it offers advice on the structural implementation of CSR.

We have drawn up and signed a self-declaration in accordance with the ISO 26000 guidelines.

Download our latest ISO 26000 self-declaration here

Download our latest report (2015): ‘Groeien naar meer waarde: naar intrinsieke meerwaarde’ (‘Growing towards added value: to intrinsic added value’) here

Download our report from 2014: ‘Groeien naar meer waarde’ (‘Growing towards added value’) here

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