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    We fit your brand!
    With sufficient display space to communicate with the target group and functionality for brand awareness.

    An attractive-looking product in high-value packaging

    When we say personal care, we also mean appealing packaging, and that means great design. At Flestic that’s no problem, as we have extrusion blow moulding machines, a techniquewhichoffers great freedom of shape for making features such as handles to go on the bottle. Flestic also has injection moulding machines to produce closures. A total solution, allowing you to concentrate on the content!

    Attractive packaging should also have a consistent colour. We colour the bottles and jars in the machines themselves. We also carry out standard quality checks, so that we pick up on defects quickly and can correct them immediately. This also gives us perfect control of colour consistency.

    Personal care also means a packaging solution consisting of pure materials. We only use premium materials. We do not reuse material or waste that has been outside the production process. This avoids contamination of the material.

    For the consumer personal care products are often expensive. The customer wants value for money and requires the product to keep well in the bottle. This means that the quality of the closure and barrier characteristics are of great importance. We are happy to advise you on the best materials and optimal wall thickness, so that your bottle or jar has precisely the product features you want.

    Tried and tested

    Of course it is important that you test the combination between the packaging and the product inside properly. We are happy to support you in this, for example by providing samples for testing.

    We do our own tests too. Flestic has implemented the ISO 9001 quality management system. Under this system we continually monitor the quality system and quality checks. The result for you: the quality of your packaging is always guaranteed.

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