• We take your product personally! We take your product personally! We take your product personally!
    We take your product personally!

    And we do so in sporting style.

    From an energizing drinking bottle

    Successful training is only possible if you drink enough. Otherwise your muscles acidify faster, you get a headache, or tire out quickly. Furthermore drinking promotes recovery after training. That’s what the drinking bottle was invented for. Drinking bottles are light-weight, easy to hold, and – the good quality ones at least – are easy to clean.

    Specialist in drinking bottles

    Over the last twenty years Flestic has developed to become the number one specialist in manufacturing sports bottles. We sell these high-quality drinking bottles through our sister company Eurobottle. You can read more about this at www.eurobottle.nl.

    … to glue bottles that work

    Nothing is more irritating than glue bottles with a blocked opening, or paint packaging which dispenses much too much or too little paint. That’s why we make packaging which simply works. And we have 35 years’ experience in doing so. We select materials and closures with pouring apertures which make dosing easy. This results in user-friendliness. And when you’re done tinkering? Then the packaging is fully resealable, so the paint or glue doesn’t dry out and keeps as long as possible.

    … and everything in between

    Of course we don’t just make drinking bottles and glue bottles. Previously on our site you will have read about packaging for products such as food and cosmetics. And we haven’t even begun to tell you about our industrial products, such as packaging for fertilizer, petrol and cleaning products. Want to know more? Please feel free to contact us. We’ll find the best solution for your question.

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