• We fit your optimized food package! We fit your optimized food package! We fit your optimized food package!
    We fit your optimized food package!

    With attention for the product and intended use.

    Packed with care and flavour

    Food packaging is more than a minor detail. Hygiene and food safety must be optimal in order to guarantee people’s health. So it makes sense that there are strict rules for food packaging and the environment in which it is manufactured.

    Our quality and checking processes

    Food packaging forms an important part of our operations. We have therefore taken all kinds of measures to assure ourselves that every package which leaves our factory fulfils all rules and regulations.

    We only use high quality materials, colours and additives. We buy these exclusively from reliable suppliers with whom we have a lasting relationship. The manufacturing environment is also extremely clean, and we check this continually. There is constant supervision.

    Since 2009 we have implemented ISO 22000. This is a food safety management system developed after an extensive operational risk analysis. The points of departure for this system are the HACCP principles and the BRC IOP basic conditions programme. A management system of this kind is not set in stone. We are continually assessing whether we are on the right track. We do this both with our own people from our HACCP team and with external inspectors from Lloyds.

    Declaration of compliance

    It’s one thing for packaging to be good, but of course we want to be able to demonstrate this too. For this reason you receive a declaration of compliance when we make packaging which we have agreed is suitable for food. This declaration states the composition of the product and the conditions it fulfils. This way you know for certain that the packaging is up to scratch.

    If you would like us to, we can carry out specific migration tests for you. These tests are not always necessary to guarantee the food safety of packaging. Our specialists are happy to sit down with you and consider your priorities.

    Into the breach for simple regulations

    Of course packaging for foodstuffs must be suitable. At the same time ever sharper regulation means that more and more tests are carried out. These tests take place at external, certified and specialized laboratories. They also cost a great deal of money.

    We are constantly in conversation with policy makers, industry organizations, inspection bodies and especially with our suppliers. This way we are always up to date with the latest state of affairs and can apply pressure to simplify regulation, with the aim of guaranteeing the quality of the end products while keeping them affordable.

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